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Veterans on Patrol

Veterans on Patrol is a movement aimed at protecting America’s children by disrupting Child traffickers along the southern Arizonan Border!

Performing Miracles

First of all, I’d Like to Thank You Arizona!

It’s only because of the continued support and tireless efforts from our great community the great achievements we accomplish are even possible!

Unfortunately, in todays world, most Non-Profit Organizations seem to revolve around donation money and tax deductions.
(Not to mention the illegitimate ones such as the modern day Fact Checkers! 😂)

As a result, Founder Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer of Veterans on Patrol has kept his team’s  official title a movement. Because if there’s one thing about my man Lewis, he opts toward taking action over words! 

Veterans on Patrol Founder Lewis Arthur Sets out on the trail for a day of stopping traffickers!

That by no to means translates to me not greatly appreciating the gift cards and food items many of you donate. However, everyone who keeps current with Our Blog can confirm, boots on the ground is crucial!

Although its a close race in terms of criminal black markets, Human Trafficking is probably the biggest illicit industry worldwide. An article written by Andy Greenberg with Forbes Magazine indicates approximately $150 billion dollars is generated as a result of human smuggling.

So if it’s so big… Then why aren’t more law enforcement focused on it?

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”Matthew 6:24

I probably should clarify that I certainly am not implicating anything negative regarding Pima Counties Police or Border Patrol agents. Because everyone at Veterans on Patrol team up and collaborate with these great pillars of our community on a regular basis.

None the less, the root cause of worldly problems is indeed money, unfortunately! This is due to the limited scope of Government and Private Sector profiting from arrests, and warehousing drug offenders. The majority of the time drug offenses are non-violent, and half the time are victimless!

Veterans On Patrol Founder Lewis Arthur

Lewis Arthur

VOP Homebase

Arthur Lewis at the VOP Home Base

So that begs to question why it is law enforcement targets drug abusers for investigation over human trafficking?

Because profit prioritizes over the safety of America’s children based upon the current judicial and financial infrastructures.

True, there’s quantifiable funds exchanged from criminals kidnapping and sexually exploiting children, but none in saving them.

And so, the journey into America’s greed monsters originates from political donations!

Regardless of what chair of office in question, all successful political campaigns require substantial amounts of funding.

Unfortunately, oftentimes this money originates from financial backers with private interests in our judicial system.

When Slavery Ended in 1865…

Due to the wealthy upper class relying upon the slave trade to turn such tremendous profits, Prisoner profiteering was born!

Suddenly, Christian ideals like forgive and forget, quickly became lock you up and throw away the key!

Because even in todays technological world, you wont find a road built in Arizona, that didn’t involve prison labor.

Sure, housing inmates costs the tax payers top dollar, but that cost isn’t incurred by rich private prison owner.

So when the drug dealer gets caught selling to an undercover, The lawmen in proximity benefit from the asset seizures.

Additionally, when that drug dealer is in State care, they get him to produce labor. They even make side deals with neighboring campuses to train inmates in a trade.

However, this isn’t done for the benefit of the prisoner, because guess who doesn’t make minimum wage? The Prisoner!

Producing $30 per hour dollar work…

Inmates in Arizona State prison make wages ranging from as little as 10 cents, to sometimes 3 dollars per hour.

In Conclusion, everyone loses except that rich 1 percent at the expense of tax payers and the incarcerated.

The biggest loser in this whole dynamic unfortunately is America’s children!

And so, while Veterans on Patrol can only do so much in this ocean of chaos we call Earth, we make certain we do!

Thank you for reading this, and be sure to check out our blog articles and videos!

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Three Points, Arizona
Based along the Arizona Mexican Border, to intercept smuggler routes.
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Keeping Arizona’s Borders Secure,
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Preventing Traffickers

According to US Customs 33,239 unaccompanied minors Cross per year!