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Child Trafficking Phone Contents Unveiled

Child Trafficking Phone Contents Unveiled

Lewis Probably had an overall productive week in light of the recent Child Trafficking Phone Contents Unveiled on the Movements Bitchute.

So they can be identified and apprehended, Lewis’s video featured a compilation of several photos taken by the Child Traffickers themselves during their criminal activities.

The smugglers of both children and illicit drugs are often referred to as Coyotes because of their similarities to this native desert animal. Due to the Trafficking Racketeer being controlled by the Mexican mafia alongside illicit drug trading, Coyote smugglers always originate from one of two families.

The Los Zetas and the Sinaloa Mafioso Familias are very territorial and very dangerous groups with a monopoly on the drug and human smuggling.

How Does Lewis Acquire His Intel?

Surprisingly despite the dangerous individuals involved in trafficking, Lewis and his team mainly acquire contraband discarded and rarely by force.

Because of how risky smuggling anything across US Borders is, once the coyotes have successfully accomplished their mission, they discard the evidence.

This includes brand new backpacking gear, camouflage clothing, Water Jugs, food items, and shockingly cellular devices.

You’d theorize because of how much convicting evidence and intimate details a cellular device possesses, Coyotes would erase communications.

Furthermore, you’d think they wouldn’t arrogantly post videos onto social platforms like Facebook, flaunting stacks of cash. However, that is precisely what they do which works to the advantage of Veterans on Patrol in their efforts of interdiction.

In recent, Lewis asked me for assistance in unlocking an Android Trac-Phone due to discovering it discarded near his encampment. I was so shocked to discover he had succeeded in unlocking several of the devices by simply guessing numerous patterns.

However as it turns out, the lock mechanism on smartphones utilizing a pattern, is a very inferior security mechanism. That’s because in actuality it only has 389,112 possibilities. This may sound like quite a bit, however when compared to a standard password 8 character in length containing alphanumeric-symbols it isn’t in the race.

Because just 8 characters with 95 possible inputs creates 660 trillion combinations and dwarfs 389,112 substantially. However, in order to guess such quantities of times if the password isn’t a commonly used one requires advanced software forensic tools such as Cellebrite.

Veterans on Patrol is currently in the process of acquiring the usage of this tool, as it is commonly used by the FBI for their criminal investigations.

VOP Founder Lewis Arthur

Lewis Arthur

An outdoors, God Loving Christian and founder of Veterans on Patrol. Lewis Resides in Tucson, AZ with his loving wife and daughter, and his movement ‘s camp is based in Three Points.