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Sinaloa Cartel Ground Zero

If you reside in Pima County you probably know, we’re located at Sinaloa Cartel Ground Zero.

So from the map above, You can clearly see the Sinaloa Crime Family is the dominant influence alongside the border we cover. Los Zetas and MS13 appear off and on across borders, Sinaloa is our main target due to their Child Trafficking.

First of all, if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the sophisticated tactics of the coyotes, Hollywood might mislead you. So if you’ve a sharp eye, one thing the cartel route map reveal, is the very even distribution of territory space.

Why is this significant?

It’s significant because how absurd the notion 4 separate crime families all brutal smugglers would play nice. Naturally, you would expect a much different structure different from a Forbes 500 company.

Usually crime and illicit markets are very cut throat and so the dog with the biggest bite will possess the majority of territory. So the next question we arrive at is why exactly is that the case?

Due to how much money the US Government profits from the drug, and sadly Human Trafficking, it is Mexicos Consumer calling shots. You probably think I’m making reference to the consumers of commercal drugs and trafficked children

Trail Cam Sinaloa Cartel

Meet the Sinaloa Crime Syndicate family.

If it’s your first glimpse of Coyote smugglers, it isn’t surprising, because Hollywood tells tall tales. Here at Sinaloa Cartel Ground Zero, it is a well known they appear to be so much more similar to our military.

You probably were you expecting something resembling Al Pacino from the movie Scarface. Despite being a ruthless killer, that probably would be quite a bit more respectable of a trade in most peoples eyes.

Fortunately the night we caught this footage in August, neither the Bobcat, or the Coyotes were smuggling any kids! 🤗

That pretty much is all that we concern ourselves at Veterans on Patrol, because quite a few of us are reformed convicts.

Furthermore, the drug war is complete fraud that exists solely to seize assets and acquire prison labor. A great example of this is Mentioned in this article by the Tucson Truth. For a time the cost of Methamphetamine was significantly higher across the nation as a result of the high prices set by the cartel.

Despite 25 year mandatory minimum sentencing in some states for manufacturing, because it was cost effective, many Americans were cooking it.

That was a huge problem because Meth Makers lived in all manner of neighborhoods and locations and thus when they exploded, it effected neighbors in proximity. Suddenly, the cartels for no legitimate reason dropped their prices significantly rendering profit from cooking the drug impossible.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Smugglers
Lewis Arthur

Lewis Arthur


Lewis Arthur is the founder of Veterans on Patrol, and a pillar of our Tucson Community. He’s not about Money and fame, he doesn’t even want recognition, he’s got one thing in mind. Save Children!