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Arizona Borders Wide Open

So, It wasn’t immediately that I discovered the Arizona Borders Wide Open, but much later in my day.

Probably My families favorite Christmas activity is to serve breakfast to homeless residents within our community. So this year was no exception as it was how I began this years fesitivities.

Because at one point in life I too was homeless and formerly someone in need, I know how much one kind act can mean to folks. Furthermore, when the holiday season comes around, it can be a sad reminder nobody is in your life rather a joyous time if you’re with family.

Arizona Borders Wide Open

Arizona Borders Wide Open Migrant Deaths

So shortly after breakfast was at its completion and after bidding my family farewell, I began my day guarding the border.

As a result of my arrival at the first border checkpoint, I discovered Arizona’s dire situation. Due to lack of of any Border Patrol agents manning the port of entry, immigrants were just driving right through!

Concerned, I immediately called border patrol so Arizona would have some form of security overseeing entries. So upon the arrival of a senior Agent, I asked if I may record our exchange, and he agreed. Because he requested his face not be shown, I complied respectfully. 

COVID19 Strikes Again!

As you’ll see in the video above, when asked not to acknowledge COVID19 as a real pandemic, the agents seemed to agree. This brings some hope that humanity isn’t completely oblivious to the fact no specimen exists for the alleged Virus.

Furthermore, the agents proceeded to explain the underlying cause of such absenteeism. Apparently any agent coming into contact with immigrants later tested positive for COVID, must quarantine.

So not only are tests 50% accurate creating countless false positives for agents, additionally the immigrants testing positive Quarantines AZBP agents

Concluding this to be the work of Soros arbitrating chaos and gaining footing for communism, All we can do is pray. 

After a hard day of a seemingly lost battle with Arizona Borders Wide Open, I awoke the next morning to a nice surprise. An Owl on came to visit the Veterans on Patrol home base! In conclusion, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, and be safe out there! God bless!



Not everyone can be an early riser, because some of us are night Owls! 🤗. This picture was taken at sunrise following Christmas Day.
VOP Founder Lewis Arthur

Lewis Arthur

An outdoors, God Loving Christian and founder of Veterans on Patrol. Lewis Resides in Tucson, AZ with his loving wife and daughter, and his movement ‘s camp is based in Three Points.