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Greetings and thank you for visiting the Official Blog of Veterans on Patrol! So join Arthur and his team as they uncover what really goes on behind the scenes Along Arizona’s Border.

Lewis is well known throughout Pima County as a result of his many communal contributions. Most Tucson residents probably know Lewis from his hand assisting countless homeless individuals.

In the past, Veterans On Patrol was more than just simply a provider of shelter and refuge to transient residents. Because of Lewis’s close connection with God, it’s hard to believe this kind hearted man came from such a rough past.

His life experiences and tribulations have enabled Lewis to save countless drug addicts from a destructive path. Due to his years working within the community, a more pressing matter of stopping Child Trafficking become evident.

Los Zetas and Sinaloa Coyote Interdiction

As a result of the growing problem of child trafficking, Veterans on patrol has sprung into action! Additionally, we’ve relocated our home base operation to 3 acres of land in Three Points, Arizona.

So we now work with Arizona Border patrol exchanging information and providing assistance on a daily basis. Because guarding borders and preventing child trafficking is an ongoing process, we owe a great thanks to our volunteers!

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for the tireless efforts from our volunteers, Veterans on Patrol wouldn’t be possible!!


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Blog Articles & Videos!

Media Archive

Media Archive

This is a Media Archive is a collection of captured pictures and video caught on our trail cams and volunteers at Veterans on Patrol.

Sinaloa Cartel Ground Zero

Sinaloa Cartel Ground Zero

So apparently our Hidden Night camera’s caught Bobcats and Coyotes, but No Bears? Oh my! Updating the photo collection of the border crisis.

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