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Spy Camera Feeds

Get in on the action with our Motion Alarm Triggered Camera Feed Trail Cameras!


Phoenix BABOS

Hawkeye Garvy

Dragonfly 1TW

DragonFly 2RE

Hawkeye Garvy

Up close and personal!

Confirmed Traffiicker

Not only is this guy aiding human traffickers, but he also likes to boost cameras 😡

Dragonfly 1tw

Nothing visible, more than likely Wind false Trigger

Phoenix Babos

Nothing visible, more than likely Wind false Trigger

Dragonfly 2RE

The only Coyotes we’re ok with!

It Has Been Hectic

We’ve seen so far about 4x more Illegal crossings than we usually do for the entire year! 😱

As many Probably were aware, this Spy Camera Feeds addition was long overdue for the Veterans on Patrol Website! So I’ll be honest, I’ve never done something off the cuff with python and have it just fall into place so incredibly well!

Due to how miraculous and smooth it came together, I can only conclude it was by the Grace and Blessings of God. It’s an honor working with Lewis and our team in this righteous cause to end Child Trafficking. The Devil’s sinister plot to profiteer from the suffering of innocent children should be one of America’s top problems!

Evident is the corruption to the pinnacle of our political and judicial system, because they’re clearly fueling this fire! We’ll save put an end to this corrupt industry that America is a certainty!